Go above and beyond for your patients, and get paid doing so.

Now there’s no need to avoid coordinating HME due to its complexity. Conduit Health fits into your intake process, allowing you to offer more, without any of the hassle. Generate more revenue...and better serve your patients.

Value Props

Monetize the role you play with patients

Your agency occupies valuable real estate in a patient’s home. By helping bridge the gap towards care, you can get paid

Improve your standing with referrals

Position your organization as the preferred destination by providing holistic care. Remove the burdens from your referral sources and win more patients

Offload the heavy lifting to us

With Conduit Health, DME coordination for your patients fits into what you already do. We take on the heavy lifting, allowing you to be there for your patients

How it works



Send patient demographic and clinical information through Conduit Health's secure, integrated portal



Follow along as Conduit Health schedules clinical visits and orders HME from its network of best-in-class, licensed providers



Bridge any communication gaps that arise while Conduit Health coordinates directly with your patient

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