Empowering patients to get the HME they need.

Patients with chronic conditions trust Conduit Health to get the items they need, quickly and covered by insurance. Through our integrated marketplace, we connect patients and their allies to signing clinicians and local suppliers.Currently in private beta.

A preview of Conduit Health marketplace

Designed with power users in mind.

An adult receiving help from a loved one

For Patients + Loved Ones

Consumer friendly tools at your fingertips. Order equipment covered under your plan for yourself, or a loved one, in 5 minutes or less.

A woman working as a HME supplier

For HME Suppliers

Save hours on time-intensive administrative tasks with compliant orders from your referrals, every time. Manage re-orders and visualize your patient base with dynamic reporting.

Two women laughing

For Providers

Digital order building and real-time collaboration with physicians speeds up one-time and recurring orders. Empower your patients and care teams to order themselves, and continue to track utilization long after discharge.

A clinician explaining to a patient

For Signing Clinicians

Get your chronic patient the HME they need, instantly. Initiate orders directly from the platform, or use our e-signing solution to review and sign order requests from patients and their loved ones.

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